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World Mental Health Day is held on October 10’2022. The primary goal of World Mental Health
Day is to raise awareness and support for global mental health. Numerous factors of mental
health have been questioned and debated. Prior to COVID pandemic in 2019, it was reported
that one in eight individuals worldwide were affected by a mental illness. In addition, the
resources, knowledge, and expertise for combating mental health issues are limited.

The key to general wellbeing is to comprehend the interactions between the body, mind, and
environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global mental health catastrophe,
causing millions of people to experience short- and long-term stress and affecting their mental
health. According to estimates, during the first year of the epidemic, both depression and
anxiety disorders increased by more than 25%. The gap in treatment for mental health
disorders has expanded at the same time that mental health services have been severely

Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority is the theme of a campaign that
will be launched by WHO. This will be a chance for those who have mental health issues,
advocates, governments, employers and staffs to come together to acknowledge progress in
this area and to be forthright about what needs to be done to make sure Mental Health & Well-
Being becomes a Global Priority for all.

As mental health practitioners, we have an important role to raise awareness, end the stigma
and discrimination for people living with mental health conditions. Make it clear that you are
available, present, non-judgmental, unbiased, and eager to support them through any
difficulties they may be experiencing. It is essential to normalize speaking about mental health
and creating safe spaces for expression. We can empower people to discuss and talk openly
about mental health concerns. We need to bring change in our attitude by being mindful of our
language and terminologies, promote equality between physical and mental illness, and
demonstrate compassion for those who are suffering from mental disorders.

Remember, when you look for help, a world of possibilities opens up for you. Common
treatments include counseling, medicine, or a combination of both. Feel free to contact the
nearest counselor, clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist if you or a loved one needs help.

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